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Hello and welcome to my newsletter, Sattva (सत्त्व).

Sattva is a beautiful Sanskrit word which has many meanings - spirit, true essence, good sense, wisdom, quality of purity, energy, consciousness and mind, being some of them.

Through this fortnightly newsletter, I want to bring to you all things good that will make life a little better. My focus will be on topics like mindfulness, productivity, slow living, sustainability, genuinely useful recommendations of products and books, links to read, and of course food.

These are just some of the things you can find in my newsletter. I promise to keep it useful and interesting for you 🥬 💗.

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A fortnightly newsletter that will bring to you some of the best tips on slow living, food (including exclusive recipes), tips on productivity, mindfulness, zero waste, gardening- essentially tiny bites of all things good that we need in our lives.


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